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Your sponsorship whether $1 or $50 a month will help us fund our work on the ground in Uganda as well as our advocacy and education online through the NWS account.

The area that that requires a tangible budget is the on the ground work in Uganda. We have registered as a non-profit entity in Kampala, Uganda. This advocacy project will be called Kusimama Africa! Meaning Rise Up Africa! In Swahili. Think of NWS as the umbrella advocacy campaign giving birth to Kusimama Africa, the hands-on work in Uganda. 

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Thank you for making the decision to invest in our work. The NWS community is growing and we would never be able to have the impact that we’ve had without you believing in the value of what we are doing. Together, we will see a higher standard set for communities of color across the globe.

Closed Facebook Group: Join the Discussion

We invite all who desire to dig deeper and ask questions that they would like addressed in a more collaborative way. This group is at around 700 members currently, so it is a more more intimate way to discuss this topic with NWS team members as well other individuals passionate about seeing the WSC challenged.