NWS Pushes for FBI Investigation into Renee Bach

As part of No White Savior’s ongoing commitment to pursuing justice for Ugandan children, we are now pushing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) in the United States to open an investigation into Renee Bach. The full press release is below.

Renee Bach is an American woman who set up a charity that started as a feeding program but later ended up operating an illegal and unlicensed medical facility in Jinja, Uganda called Serving His Children. Despite having no formal medical training, she attempted to treat children for various illnesses and performed medical procedures. As a result of the treatments she administered in the unlicensed facility, 105 children died under her care.

No White Saviors has been advocating for the families of the victims and has been covering this case extensively, in order to pursue justice for the families. In 2019, a civil action was brought against Renee Bach for her illegal practice of medicine, and the case was settled in 2020 through mediation in 2020. All the affected families were given the equivalent of 9000USD as compensation.

In 2020, another case was brought against Renee Bach, this time by four other families. The facts in this case are that Reene Back practiced medicine without qualification and operated an illegal health facility, and her actions led to the violation of the applicant families’ rights.A hearing date was scheduled for May 2021 but Renee Bach has not yet been served papers since she is out of country. In addition to the two court cases, there ongoing investigations by private individuals in Uganda, which could lead to a criminal case.

Today sees the release of a new push for justice. With US-based human rights and international criminal law attorney, June Benjamin, No White Saviors are demanding an FBI investigation into Renee Bach’s crimes.


Washington, DC. – Ugandan NGO No White Saviors (NWS) has contacted the Federal Bureau of Investigation to urge an investigation into Renee Bach, a US National who admitted to the deaths of at least 105 children and infants at her unlicensed medical facility. In communications with the FBI, NWS petitioned the federal law enforcement agency to review substantial allegations of egregious human rights violations involving Bach’s experimentation with medical procedures on children and infants at her facility in Uganda.

Bach, a resident of Virginia with a high school diploma and no formal medical training opened a program in Masese, Jinja, Uganda where she solicited impoverished families and children with illnesses ranging from HIV/AIDS to severe acute malnutrition for “treatment”. Families of the victims testified that Bach was known as “The White Doctor” and approached them while they were waiting at hospitals with their children wearing a white lab coat and stethoscope around her neck. Witnesses attest that Bach instructed them that Ugandan doctors were not as qualified to treat the children than her facility. They attest that Bach then issued diagnoses and “treatments” that they believe led to the disfigurement and deaths of several children. Parents describe that they learned that she was not a medical practitioner and what really happened to their children after they died.

Meanwhile, at her unlicensed facility, medical volunteers testify that Bach dismissed professional treatment or opinion and instead decided to use the information she found including a book called “When There is No Doctor” to self-instruct a range of invasive medical procedures including: Preparation of a dead body, Blood transfusions, Venipuncture and blood specimen collection, Insertion of intravenous catheters, Femoral artery puncture, and Nasogastric tube insertion. Bach is also alleged to have signed death certificates for the children. She was able to fund and run her organization, she called “Serving His Children” by soliciting volunteers and donations from faith-based networks in the US using over spiritualized language about helping her to fulfill God’s purpose.

US-based human rights and international criminal law attorney June Benjamin is working with NWS to pursue justice for the victims and their families. Benjamin stated, “The legal system must move from impunity to accountability. The world has witnessed a disregard for Black lives everywhere; and the devastation felt by this community who lost hundreds of children cannot go unanswered. We will continue to demand every relevant agency and every relevant official to formally investigate these crimes. In this case, justice only starts with accountability for the cruelty these children endured.”

The case has already reached international media coverage including NPR, NBS, The Guardian, CNN, ABC News and has reached over 1 million people following the campaign on social media. For more information, contact No White Saviors at nowhitesaviors@gmail.com.


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