Zion Family Support – family preservation

Zion Family Support is a Ugandan-led and run organization that navigates the challenges that families have in an honorable, empathetic, compassionate, and understanding way. Their main activity is providing wraparound services for families who believe that institutionalizing their children is the only way out of poverty, allowing these children to remain in their homes. Families receive business training, financial support through a start-up grant, and parenting classes, as well as ongoing social support.

ZFS was founded by Juliet Birungi, a mother of four with over five years of experience working with nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), who knows that families who stay together are better able to thrive together. She works alongside Joshua Bryant, who knows firsthand the impact that institutionalized care has independent of intent, as he was sent to one such institution at age 7. He is using his experience to come alongside families who are making the same decision his family did years ago. 

Zion Family Support