Who we are


We are a collective of individuals who have met each other along the way through work in development and advocacy. The team members are: Olivia, Sharone, Priscilla, Kelsey, Bruce (name changed for anonymity). Olivia, Sharone and Priscilla are all Ugandan, Kelsey is American and Bruce is Kenyan. We are majority female, majority East African and fully passionate about bringing change to the current state of development and missionary work.

For too long foreign nationals, mainly white people, have come into Black and Brown communities in the name of charity or mission work. They have portrayed one story to donors overseas, while we have witnessed a far different reality first-hand, seeing what actually takes place on the ground.

We are not saying that we do not want visitors or that we do not welcome partnerships.  We are saying that the dynamics need to change.  We often hear foreign nationals speak of how “corrupt” Ugandan run projects are and that donors should “not trust the locals”, but what exactly is it called when a foreigner pays themselves up to 900% more than their Ugandan staff? When they can go on holiday to Zanzibar, eat at the nicest of cafes, drive expensive land rovers and live in large, beautiful homes along Lake Victoria? 

It is time that we look at the full picture. There are many who come into our communities and act as if they are entitled and should be treated differently because of their country of origin and the color of their skin. We are here to ask that if you come to help, if you say you truly love Uganda and its people, that you start listening before speaking, learning before acting and partnering instead of leading.