Our Story

Creating the new normal in Africa

In June 2018, the No White Saviors account launched on Instagram, birthed out of a collective frustration at the rampant abuses committed by white missionaries and development workers in Uganda and beyond. Although we felt like we were shouting in the dark, our small group of professionals were tired of being ignored when we repeatedly challenged the violence of the White Savior Complex (WSC) in our spheres of work. To our surprise, we soon found we had blown the lid off a growing discontent among thousands of African practitioners and uneasy Western do-gooders. In a little over a year, our account gained over 200k followers, and the ever-increasing collection of content catalyzed conversations and actions that were long overdue. 

Our movement is a rapidly emerging, powerful phenomenon, dedicated to revealing African people as the heroes of our own stories. We’ve gained traction through legal cases holding and through our crucial work to uplift African leaders and practitioners on the ground. In the recent past, it seemed that the WSC was too strong and too widespread to challenge – but now we are creating the new normal in Africa. Join us in our work, or be left behind – because we are just getting started.